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Four Year after the launch of the first board, the Raspberry Foundation celebrates the anniversary by introducing on the market the new Raspberry Pi3 Model B board. This powerful board can be enclosed in the new professional housing of TEKO , the TEK-BERRY3.


The distinctive design made in Italy of the TEK-BERRY3 reveals a detailed analysis of the characteristics that  must have the case to match the potential of the highly performing Raspberry Pi3 board. Distinguishing mark of TEKO’s TEK-BERRY3 is the possibility to house both the Raspberry Pi3 and also the previous Raspberry Pi2 / B+.

The TEK-BERRY3 consists on 2 parts that can be assembled easily by a simple snap-on closing.

  • External dimensions: 100X73X28,5mm
  • Colours: White (.40) Black (.9) Clear Transparent (0.)
  • Material: Flame retardant ABS+PC
  • Matt surface finish
  • Vents holes for heat dissipation on the bottom
  • LED holes placed in correspondence with the CHIP antenna. This allows to use the same case both for Pi3 and for Pi2 by simply changing the position of the light guides supplied in the kit.
  • RPI-camera module fitting pillars
  • Accessories: – mounting element RPI-VESA
  •                    – heatsink cooling kit  RPI-COOLING KIT
  • Perfect fit with RPI-CAM


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