Terms and conditions of use

Electrone Americas Limited (Company) is referred to herein as “ELECTRONE”. ELECTOREN does business as BOCA WIZARDS and every use of BOCA WIZARDS and ELECTRONE is interchangeable with the other.

This agreement is made with ELECTRONE and the Customer, where customer is any person natural or otherwise, purchasing, or committing to purchase any goods or services.

Any payments not received within 3 days of due date will accrue interest of a rate of 1.5% per calendar month of part thereof, compounded monthly.

Any order exceeding Purchaser’s credit limit must be accompanied by payment for difference or excess.

Until ELECTRONE deems title to have passed, ELECTRONE reserves the right to recover any unpaid merchandise. Should any form of payment not be honored, be it check credit card or other, ELECTRONE reserves the right to retain title.

In the event that ELECTRONE incurs costs to recover money or goods, Purchaser will indemnify ELECTRONE against recovery costs and be fully liable for such costs including, but not limited to all reasonable collection, legal and attorney fees, and incidental expenses of travel, etc. ELECTRONE is held harmless in all respects including, but not limited to, failure and consequential losses relating to equipment. At no time and under no circumstances can ELECTRONE be liable for more than the value of the merchandise or the service provided. Purchaser indemnifies ELECTRONE, its heirs or guarantors, for any costs or charges arising from customers, customer’s bank or credit card Company’s failure to pay, or revision of payment.

ELECTRONE may withdraw credit; alter prices, other terms or specifications at any time without prior notice except prices on orders previously accepted.

In the event any sales agreement or terms of sale or purchase among a Customer or Vendor, and ELECTRONE, then these terms shall be the superior unless otherwise agreed by ELECTRONE and that agreement has not been rescinded.

Under no circumstances can ELECTRONE’s liability on any type whatsoever, exceed the sales value of the item in question.

Customer’s payment or purchase commitment is confirmation of customer’s agreement to these terms and this agreement is in no way diminished by any refunds, credit, or debits.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida but all parties agree to use their best endeavors to attempt to use arbitration to resolve any dispute before filing suit.

The failure of any part or parts of this agreement does not cause the failure of the whole agreement.